Introducing Studio Lampion

Studio Lampion is a graphics and computer animation studio founded in Berlin, Germany, in the year 2007 by experienced computer graphics artists Stefan Minning and Matthias Koenig.

We handle animation and visualization projects for our local and international clients in the animation, design and architecture industries. We also produce independent animated short films on the side. Our latest short film A Night at the Cathedral was completed in November 2007.


We invite you to have a look through our Portfolio 2009 (PDF, 2.5MB) wherein we present a selection of our latest works for you to discover our high level of quality and workmanship.

Our Vision

The studio was founded with the intention of combining the natural charm and beauty of traditional hand-drawn animation with state of the art computer technology in order to tell stories that inspire and entertain.

We hope to leave the cold and interchangeable look of modern computer animation behind and replace it with a more distinct, artistic and human style in our work.


Our in-house software development and proprietary techniques offer us great possibilities when it comes to defining the look of our pictures. Through our continued research and innovation we strive to broaden the appeal and artistic value of computer generated imagery.

Some of our in-house developments include real-time shading and lighting programs that are primarily used to create painterly and toon effects for our various characters as well as techniques to produce a hand-drawn look from 3D backgrounds.


The Founders

The founders of Studio Lampion, Stefan Minning and Matthias Koenig, first worked together on projects during their time in college.

Among the results of these early collaborations is their animated short Bagel 2, a film which earned them acclaim in their field and was shown on short film festivals and featured on an international short film compilation DVD.


Stefan Minning

Stefan Minning studied computer visualization and media design. After earning his degree in the latter, he worked as a CG artist on several animation productions in Germany and the USA.

At Studio Lampion, Stefan leads the in-house R&D and is in charge of designing, developing and implementing the look of our productions.

Matthias Koenig

Co-founder Matthias Koenig is a Game Artist (GA) and studied media- as well as game design.

His areas of expertise include animation, modeling and texturing. Matthias has worked with clients in the media-, games-and archviz-industries - he's the one to talk to if you're interested in our services!